Annual Dinner 2018

The 2018 Annual Dinner was held on Friday 13th  April 2018 at Fulton House Refectory, Singleton Campus, Swansea University.

This was the 80th Annual Reunion Dinner.  Outgoing President Dr John Rees welcomed incoming President Keith Evans in front of 166 former pupils, staff and guests. 

Another memorable evening enabled everyone to relive old school memories and meet friends, from school days, not seen for many years.  Jeff Burns (Dynevor 1959-1963) proposed the toast to The Old Dy’vorians’ Association and regaled diners with his unusual early career as a boxer.

After organising the annual dinner for many years David Dickinson stood down this year. His many years of service were thanked and acknowledged by those present on the night.  Thanks were also given to Noel Blows who stepped in at short notice to organise the highly successful 2018 event.