Events, Awards and Officers


2005        President’s Education Awards introduced for UWTSD students who overcome significant obstacles in pursuing their studies.

2006        Dynevor School was reopened as the Dynevor Centre for Art, Design and Media faculties of the Swansea Metropolitan University by one of our most famous alumni, Dr. Rowan Williams, Archbishop of Canterbury.

2007      The unveiling of the Goldstone window at the new Dynevor Campus.

2009        Central Tower and six key areas within the Dynevor Campus named after Dr. Rowan Williams and the former Dynevor House Names with a commemorative plaque unveiled.

2011         First ODA Annual Golf Day at Clyne Golf Course.

2011        The Archbishop of Canterbury, Dr. Rowan Williams became President of the ODA and spoke to a record attendance of 354 guests at the Annual Dinner.

2012        Inaugural Annual ‘Dynevor Balconiers Day’ at St.Helen’s.

2014        Introduction of the Peter Saword Memorial Trophy for the ODA Annual Golf Day competition.

2015        Publication, supported by the Association, of ‘Among Some Swansea Schoolboys 1914-19’  by Tudor Price (ISBN 9  780957  417847), a tribute to former pupils lost.

2016        Rededication of School War Memorial to reflect addition of two further losses identified in each World War, followed by a final addition in 2018.

2017        Publication of ‘Dynevor its name and building history’  by Roger L. Brown.

2017        London and S.E members liaison group lunch at House of Commons sponsored by Julian Lewis MP and attended by guests the Lord Anderson and Speaker John Bercow MP.

2017        Publication, supported by the Association, of ‘Among Some Swansea Schoolboys 1939-45’  by Tudor Price

‘Balconiers’  Speakers  (Organiser Ken Sharpe)

2019     Stephen Hedges
2018     Mark Wallace
2017     Tony Lewis
2016     Malcolm Nash
2015     Don Shepherd
2014     Ossie Wheatley
2013     Alan Jones
2012     Peter Walker  

The Annual ODA Lecture Speakers

2018    The Lord Anderson  ‘The wanderings of a Swansea Boy’
2017    Tudor Price  ‘Dynevor Schoolboys in two World Wars’
2016     Prof. Richard Fortey ‘The Wood for the Trees’
2015     Ted Nield ‘Soil, why understanding the planet’s past is the key to our future’
2014     David Mercer  ‘A life in Tennis’
2013     Gerald Gabb  ‘A preview of RISW History Journal, No.22
2012     Tim Richards  ‘The Real news is what they don’t want you to know.’
2011       Prof. Dudley Sinnett  ‘Surgery, Art and Science’.

The Annual Dinner Speakers  (Organiser: Keith Ferguson, past organisers  David and Gill Dickinson, Noel Blows,)

2018     Jeff Burns
2017     Christopher Rees   
2016      Prof. Brian Williams
2015      Dennis Gethin
2014      Sir Alan Thomas
2013      Behnaz Akhgar
2012      Prof. Peter Stead
2011      Archbishop of Canterbury, Dr. Rowan Williams

The ODA/UWTSD Joint Lecture

2018    John Ashley  ‘Swansea Aviation Pioneers’
2017    Rt. Hon Dr. Julian Lewis MP ‘The experiences of a Backbench MP’
2016    John Ashley ‘Buffalo Bill comes to Town’
2015    Prof. Mike Phillips ‘Coasts in peril from the sea’
2014    Sir John Meurig Thomas ‘Unpredictability in Science and Technology’
2013    Prof. Garel Rees ‘The Global Motor Industry in Wales’
2012    Jane Davidson AM
2011    John Evans OBE  ‘Breaking the Myths and Stereotypes of Disability’.

The President’s Awards

2018   Karen Lacey Freeman; Katie Parkes; Rebecca Davies.
2017   Zoe Noakes; Filofteia Gales; Stacey Brown; Linh Duong.
2016   Fracesca Murray-Shelley; Amnon Yoseph; Thomas Zulver; Iman Sayadi Choobari; Sophie Jenkins.
2015   Samantha Taylor; Gemma Alpine; Chris Jenkins; Daryl Lawrence; Silje Gron.
2014   Carys Spencer; Nathan Buller; Jacqeline Phillips; Lara Jones; Anna Brayshaw.
2013   Alex Wilkie; Amy Stead; Fahima Ali; Natalie Burgo.
2012   Desmond Bangura; Jamie Panton; Michelle Walker; James Coyle King.
2011   Lisa Fox; Chris Shopland; Tim Evans-Jones.

The Winners of the Peter Saword Golf Trophy (Organiser Peter Samuel, past Organiser Ken Sharpe)

2019    Peter Clement
2018    Peter Clement
2017    Michael Long
2016    Kelvin Howells
2015    Mike Porter
2014    Kelvin Howells

The ODA Secretaries

George Hounsell     1957 – 1997
Stuart Winks            2002 – 2008
Clem Williams         2008 – 2012
David Bemmer        2012  – 2013
Phill Davies             2013  –

The ODA Treasurers

Alan Goodwin        2002-
Robert Howells     -2008
Steve Way             2008-

The Dyvorian Magazine Editor

David Farmer, Dave Tovey        TD01-16         Production: Jim Waygood
Peter Macpherson                     TD17-22        Production: Jim Waygood
Jeff Humphreys                         TD23-28        Production: Jim Waygood
Tudor Price                               TD29-34
Francis Morgan                         TD35-

The ODA Web Master

Dave Tovey
Keith Evans

The ODA Honorary Members

Bill Ball
Pat Farmer
Cyril Goldstone
David Goldstone OBE
Graham Hanford
Maureen Hounsell
Bob Howells MBE
Prof. Medwin Hughes
Prof. Bernard Knight
Prof. Andrea Liggins
Brian Ludlam
Grafton Maggs
Iorrie Mort
Prof. Mike Phillips
Jennie Simms
Allan Smith
Prof. Ian Walsh
Prof. David Warner
Stephen White
John Williams
Joyce Wills
Anne Winks