2024Andrew Clemes M.A. Law


These photographs of the Past Presidents’ Boards were supplied by Kevin Williams from the Year of 1959. Click on the images below to see names of Past Presidents.


Most of the images included in the gallery along with individuals’ names were supplied by Stuart Batcup.   Thanks too to Tudor Price for compiling the material.

And going further back… in 1987 Murray Donald hands over to David Farmer.  Iorrie Mort and George Hounsell are in the back row; Headmasters Hubert Davies and Allan Smith front right.






Let us know if you have photographs of other handovers. 

2023Hywel Davies M.A., PhD
2022David Taylor
2021Keith Ferguson
2020Rev. John Walters
2019Rev. John Walters
2018Keith D. Evans B.A., PGDip.Int.M.
2017Dr John Rees MBBS, DCH, MRCGP
2016Dr Ted Nield B.Sc., PhD, FGS 
2015Selwyn Walters B.A., M.A., Cert. Ed., MITG
2014Professor Dudley Sinnett MS, FRCS
2013Kevin Johns MBE
2012Phil Stone B.Sc.,M.Ed., FRSC.
2011Dr. Rowan Williams, Archbishop of Canterbury
2010David Dickinson, B.Sc.
2009Dr Brian Willis B.Sc., PhD., MB, B.Ch., FRCA
2008Captain Bill Rosser
2007Noel Blows 
2006Bill Gibbs 
2005David Mendus M.A., M.Sc.
2004Edgar McCarthy B.Sc., C.Eng., M.I.E.E.
2003Terry Noonan B.Sc., C.Eng., M.I.C.E.
2002Mal Pope 
2001Robert N. Cowley FRICS
2000Rev. Lionel Hopkins MBE, B.A. DIP. THEOL
1999Harold Smith MBE, JP, DIP. AD
1998Darryl Davies 
1997W. H. Perrins B.A.
1996E. G. Cogger S B ST JOHN
1995Professor W. O. George PhD., D.Sc., CCHEM, FRSA
1994John Beale CBE, M.A., M.Ed.
1993George Sambrook CPFA
1992Stuart N. Winks B.Ed., MFTCOM
1991V. Stuart Batcup LLB (WALES)
1990Grafton Maggs BDS, FDS, RCS
1989David J. Goldstone LLB
1988Gwyn Craven FCIB
1987Professor David Farmer M.Sc., PhD.
1986J. Murray Donald 
1985R. A. Goodwin CPFA
1984James Watkins B.Ed., DASE, FCOLLP
1983Major R. Pike TD
1982A. G. Johns 
1981Peter Macpherson B.A., MIGD
1980Ven. Archdeacon H. C. Williams MBE, B.A.
1979F. C. Hibbert FRCS
1978J. Alan Hughes JP, RIBA
1977D. Edgar Rees B.Sc.
1976D. Iorweth Mort B.Sc.
1975Alan H. Sullivan
1974Councillor David A. Jenkins
1973Rev. Chancellor G. H. James B.A.
1972Myrddin Williams ARICS
1971E. D. Smith 
1970G. Hounsell B.A.
1969Leonard Matthews 
1968Cyril Goldstone B.A.
1967Hubert Joseph ACIS
1966W. B. Penhale 
1965Professor B. H. Flowers FRS
1964Arthur T. Davies 
1963W. A. Thomas 
1962Wilfred Higgs FCA
1961Councillor S. C. Jenkins
1960B. C. McInerny 
1959Howell Mendus LRIBA
1958Glan Powell B.A.
1957Councillor Geo. Gibbs JP, FSAA
1956T. R. Williams LL.B, M.A.
1955Leslie Davies 
1954Col. Leslie Hyett MC
1953Dr. Elwyn James FRCS
1952W. Bryn Thomas M.A.
1951Rev. A. Leslie Norman
1950Alderman Percy Morris JP, MP
1949Sir Wm. Jenkins JP
1940/48Activities suspended
1939D. O. Thomas B.A.
1938Arthur Jones B. Comm.
1937Rev. Wm. Francis M.A.
1936Councillor W. T. Mainwaring Hughes
1935W. R. Francis 
1934W. R. Francis 
1933J. D. Williams JP
1932Councillor Percy Morris
1931Llewelyn John ARCS, B.Sc.
1930W.A. Beanland B.A.