Year of 1912

In this year the Headmaster was Mr W. A. Beanland, the school was known as Swansea Municipal School.

A Book of Souvenir Photographs from the Year 1912-13 

Donated by Mr Allan Smith

The form-group photographs were taken in 1911 (cited in the Editor’s Notes p2 of Volume 13 of The School Magazine, March 1913).  Pages will be moved to the starting year for form groups when identified.  Can you identify the staff or pupils?

Albert Edward Jones pupil (b1896 d1971) 

Andrew Porter (Year of 1968) submitted the following photographs showing 16 year old Albert Edward Jones, his maternal grandfather, the first taken c1912 and his school leaving record from 1913. Note that although the school record shows Albert’s date of birth as 1897, family believe he was born a year earlier.  Albert is included in a class photograph in the above gallery (page 6).

Do you have photographs of family members who attended Swansea Municipal School?  If so please send them to us.