Year of 1924

The school was known as Swansea Municipal Secondary School and the Headmaster was Mr W A Beanland.

Team and Group Gallery

In this picture from the annals of the Swansea Schools’ Association Football League of one of the school’s junior teams, John (Jack) T Nicholas (born 26.11.1910) is seated at the far left of the front row. He won a Wales U14 cap in the following season and went on to pursue a very successful career in professional football with Derby County, for whom he made over 350 appearances.

The boys shown in the picture above are referred to in the school magazine of June 1924 (Vol 39):

The Junior Soccer Team of the school has this year won all the four Swansea Trophies: The Trevor Evans Cup the Lennard Cup, The Hospital Cup, the Martin Shield; the school corridor has never before looked so resplendent with Cups and Shields (p. 62).

Class photograph 1924 

Photograph supplied by Mr A. Smith 

The new First-Formers and last year’s victorious Junior Soccer Team have been photographed this Term. School magazine Vol 40, December 1924, p. 81

The photograph below is therefore identified as one of the first year classes.  Can you confirm this or name individuals?