Year of 1931

The school was known as Dynevor School, the Headmaster was Mr Llewllyn John.

Year of 1931-32

Staff, listed on the spreadsheet of photos, appeared as shown below:

Llewellyn John (Headmaster) | ? Davies (Deputy Head)

W. T. Davies              X                     W. J. Williams     D. D. Williams    

H. Morris           G. Powell                T. Morgan            B. C. George

H. Lewis            S. C. Hopkins         T. Jones               T. J. Huxtable

E. Yates            C. C. Davies            L. Abraham         E. Rees

M. Hagiage       A. Jones                  W. Price               D. I. Williams

S. Way                                                                          G. Beynon

X = missing name

The items in this section, provided by Mr A. Smith, unfortunately are very poor photocopies.  Can you name individuals or supply original photographs?