Year of 1965

The school was known as Dynevor Secondary Grammar and Mr. D. Bernard Norris, a former Dynevor pupil, was appointed headmaster. This page contains a photograph that has been submitted by Robert Ackland.

Class Gallery

Team and Group Gallery

Sports Day 1965/6

Photographs and captions provided by Kevin Williams; David Cater and Eric Karklins were additional photographers.

At The Ganges Summer 1966

Photos and captions originally supplied by David (Dai) Cater, with later additions provided by Kevin Williams; Eric Karklins is acknowledged as one of the photographers.

Kevin Williams’ Snapshot Memories of 1965-6

Photographs taken by Kevin Williams, David Cater and Eric Karklins, photos and captions supplied by Kevin.

Annual Speech Day and Prize Giving Sept 1965

Thanks to Tudor Price for providing a copy of the programme.  What are your memories of this or other Speech Days?