Year of 1978

The school was known as Dynevor Senior Comprehensive School and Mr. D. Bernard Norris was the headmaster. 
The girls in the class photographs, except the first one, attended Llwynybryn prior to the merger with Dynevor.  

Class Gallery

Team and Group Gallery

Rhossili Outdoor Pursuits Centre October 1978

Mr R. Craven and Mr P. Myers took a group of boys for a week of activities at the centre; Lyndsay and Rosemary were the lead instructors.  What do you remember about the trip?   Photos supplied by Mr P. Myers.

The group photograph in this gallery was shared on the Dynevor Revisited Facebook page and provided the following names of boys who were on the trip: Joseph Yanis Aleman, David Burrows, Peter Cousins, Ian Davies, Jeremy Figgures, Sidney Haggar, Peter Harris, Gary David Neill, Mark Neill, Robert Norman, Nigel Pickard, David Rodda with possibly Phillip Squires and Martyn White.  Can you confirm the last two names and provide any more?

School Play The Government Inspector

The play was performed in December, were you a cast member?  Photographs supplied by Mr P. Myers. 

Rob Mitchell (1972-78) supplied the names of Clive Barrett, Andrew Clemes and Kevin Hobbs who were cast members and recalls that he and John Andrew set up the falling trap door stunt and worked as stage hands.  Mr P. Myers added ‘Janet Elias’ to the cast list.  Mr D. Taylor was the play’s director.  Clive Barrett (1975-1980) added further names of cast members: Richard Barrett and Christopher Evans.  Can you provide more information?