Year of 1996

The school is known as Dynevor Comprehensive, the headmaster is Mr A. Smith

Jigsaw Fashion Show March 1996


YEAR 11  Maryse Kivell, Catherine Ayers, Claire Hyett, Behaz Akhgar, Tammy Griffiths, Lindsey Draper, Debbie Grey, Jonathan Ralph, David Thomas, Rafid Karam, Jonathan Fraser, Richard Mansell, Darren Smith, Christopher Joce and Paul O’Donnell.

YEAR 10  Michelle Butler, Stephanie Jones, Joanna Gaffney, Janine Russell, Angharad Davies, Andrea lsmail, Joanna Napier, Sarah Davies, Kelly Coffey, Dawn Foley, Carl Martin, Gareth Jones, Matthew Morris and Michael O’Donnell.

YEAR 9  Jodie Hyett, Nicola Ismail, Joanne Williams, Hayley Berry, Kirsty Beynon and Romana Ahmed.

YEAR 8  Melanie Cook, Lizzie Kivell, Amanda Joce, Gwyneth Smith, Daniella Connolly,  Kelly Winter, Jonathan Third and Lewiss Stevens.

YEAR 7  Gemma Dawkins, Sophie Webster, Rebecca O’Leary, Jamie Davies, Shaun Gaffney and Daniel Walton.

PRIMARY SCHOOLS:  MAYHILL  Kim Abraham, Katie Mainwaring, Jason Nicholls and David Thomas.  ST HELEN’S  Louise Smith, Alex Genan, Andrew Griffiths and Joglu Miah.  TERRACE RD  Bethan Hancock, Kelly Holland, Michelle Paterson and Michael Richards.  TOWNHILL   Rebecca Davies, Rachel Lewis and Dean Jones.

STAFF STARS  Mrs P Bashford, Mrs H Chivers, Mrs LI Johns, Mrs J Levy, Mrs G Williams, Ms R Smith, Mr I Griffith and Mr S Meredith.

STARLETS Alex, Fraser, Jessica, Hannah, Kiera, Sam, Katie, Amy, Rhiannon, Stephanie and Sian.


Photographs supplied by Mr A. Smith

GCSE Drama

Pupils are in the dressing room before a performance of ‘Street Theatre’ at The Grand Theatre in March 1996.

Photographs supplied by Mrs J. Kerslake and Mr A. Smith.