Year Unidentified

Please let us know the year photographs in these galleries were taken and names of individuals in them by contacting: 

Class photos 1957 – 1965 (Photocopies supplied by Mr A. Smith) 

Orienteering with Mr B. Evans and Mr P. Myers

The following numbered photographs, provided by Mr Myers, show orienteering events across a number of years; some show awards and pupils training in the school gym.  Mr Myers has also provided some of the names and identified the venue of races.  Do you recall participating?  Can you provide details along with a date so images can be moved to the correct Find Your Years section of the website?  

Conservation Project Gallery

School Concert

These photographs, supplied by Mr P. Myers, possibly show a class putting on a skit to entertain pupils at the end of term.  Were you in this form or recall what your form did as a ‘turn’?  

Table Tennis Club 

 What do you remember of this sporting activity organised by Mr D. Taylor?  Photographs supplied by Mr P. Myers.

Miscellaneous Gallery